The Royal Bermuda Regiment Association

The Association is formed to promote, foster and maintain the tradition and well-being of The Regiment and its predecessors through the maintenance and perpetuation of the comradeship of members and former members of The Regiment.


RBRA AGM Notice and Meeting Agenda June 20th 2024 The Members of the Royal Bermuda Regiment Association are hereby advised of the Annual General Meeting to be held at 7:00 pm on Thursday June 20th 2024 at the Junior NCOs Mess at Warwick Camp. Dress is smart. 1) Call...

Funeral Service Details For Lt COL Darling

Good day RBRA Members, The funeral service for LT COL MICHAEL LESLIE DARLING, will be held at The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Hamilton Bermuda on Tuesday, April 30th, 2024 at 3pm. Interment will follow at St John's Church, Pembroke. Royal Bermuda Regiment...

Veterans & Soldiers Coffee – Apr 2024

Thursday April 25th 0700 hrs- 1000 hrs This month's coffee will be in honour of Lt. Col. Michael Darling who recently passed. See the below link. Please make every effort to attend this event in honour and celebration of his contributions to the Royal Bermuda...

Veterans & Soldiers Coffee Monthly Meet Up – March 27 2024

Veterans & Soldiers Coffee Monthly Meet Up Thursday, March 28th 0700 hrs- 1000 hrs We are looking forward to having this monthly event back and seeing all serving soldiers and veterans over a cup of steaming coffee!!! Location: Keith's Kitchen is located in the...


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Who Can Join?

Who Can Join the RBRA? (abbreviated) (Link to Constitution)

The following persons shall be eligible for membership in the Association with full voting rights (any person over 18 years of age that has served):


  1. All current and former serving members of the Royal Bermuda Regiment and the Bermuda Regiment and its amalgamated predecessor units;
  2. All former serving members of Bermuda Military Forces, or military forces who were stationed in Bermuda;
  3. All serving or former serving members of the Forces, who at any time are or were attached to the Royal Bermuda Regiment;
  4. All serving or former serving Cadets, Junior Leaders Officers or Instructor staff (over 18 years of age) of the Bermuda Cadet Corps and the Junior Leaders of The Royal Bermuda Regiment; and
  5. All serving and former Governors of Bermuda, Commander in Chief(s) and the Colonel in Chief of the Royal Bermuda Regiment.